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Marketing Proposal - EASY TONGS

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

In times of keen competition on the global supplier markets, I am pretty sure you already often thought of new ideas and ways how to push and place your company brand in an exceptional way…!?

If yes, I kindly ask to present and suggest you a patented functional tool, which has the attribute and aim to place the brand of your business in a real effective and easy way!
First of all let me tell you about the hard facts:

The product I am talking about is “Easy tongs”, which is not just an ordinary ice tong, in fact it convinces with superiority: Design and technical aspects are unique, the sophisticated shape satisfies both aesthetic and functional criteria - a patented product from Austria.

The most innovatory spring-mechanism guarantees maximum functionality and easy handling for everyone. The tong is manufactured from high quality materials and is also dishwasher safe and tarnish resistant. “Easy tongs” are available in various attractive colours in plastic, stainless steel or the very elegant edition in 24K gold plated. ...Now it’s time to tell you about the ultimate idea how to use Easy tongs in your company!

Why not use “Easy tongs” with your individual brand and logo on it for your ice buckets in the hotel rooms?

In the past times I travelled to a lot of places all over the world and the U.S. and I have been to a lot of hotels where I experienced missing ice tongs in all the ice buckets of restaurants, bars and mini-bars! … So why not use those patented, effective, high quality ice tongs with your own branding or logo on it?

Furthermore “Easy tongs”” is the perfect tool to use for a give away for households, clients and customers with your own brand and logo to achieve a daily examination with your business!

As you can see the possible application of this product has a wide range: “Easy tongs” can be used at buffets, bars, catering services, as a give away …. – always guaranteeing recognition with your brand combined with a patented high quality system and product!

With this patented tool I am looking for a partner who participates my vision and business idea with me. There are many more effective ways how to implement and benefit “Easy tongs” in your business ... If you got curious and interested please do not hesitate to contact me for any further details or visit my website: www.buffetzangen.com

Best regards from Austria,
Harry Spicker

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